All classes are held at St.Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, EH7 6AE (room 4.27) in a beautiful, warm yoga studio with a new floor, dimmable lighting and a wall for yoga ropes. 


The class size is limited to 12 for beginners and 15 for level 2.

St. Margaret’s House is a red brick office block that now houses artist’s studios and Galleries.  It’s on London Road, just beyond Meadowbank Stadium if you are heading out of town. You can get any bus going along London Road and if you come by car, there is a free car park – go past the London road entrance and turn left at the traffic lights (at Jock’s Lodge, into Smokey Brae).  The car park entrance is first on the left (Meadowbank House car park) and you need to go right round to park underneath St. Margaret’s House.

I have yoga mats, blocks, bricks, bolsters and belts there.  Wear stretchy clothes (leggings or shorts) and bare feet but bring a jumper and socks for relaxation.

pkm_yoga_edi_25617Beginners welcome!                                

£7 per class when you book for the term.

Drop-in for £10 per class


Discount for full time students and people living solely on benefits – £5 per class when you pay for a block.  For example, 10 classes costs £50

Discount for tennants of St. Margaret’s House – £60 for 10 classes

Contact Lucy at for more information


Beginners Level

Suitable for absolute beginners and those wishing to consolidate their practice at this level. If you have never done Iyengar yoga before, it is best to start at this level.

Level 1

This level is suitable for people who have done at least a term at Beginners level, or have previous experience of yoga. These classes progress a little faster than the Beginners level and will cover a wider range of poses, including a few more challenging ones.

Level 2

Suitable for students with at least 1 years’ experience of Iyengar yoga.  Students are expected to be able to hold standing poses without strain and to be able to hold shoulder stand for a few minutes.  Head stand is introduced at this level (but is not compulsory!)

General level

These classes are suitable for all students.  The focus is on Introductory level poses but there will be different options at some points in the class to accommodate more experienced students.

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